January 2, 2013

1964 Weekend House
by Craig Ellwood

craig ellwood weekend house
A continued investigation into bridge buildings strengthened the trademark of Craig Ellwood & Associates in 1964: the truss.

Craig Ellwood’s weekend house follows up on the development of the likewise not built Chamorro house from 1962. Designed as a steel bridge (house) as a standard type for repeated use, it anticipates the 1970-75 built Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Associate Gerald Horn designed the structure as a Pratt truss contruction, encasing the inwards offset glazing.
Leaving the steel construction undisguised the project marks a return to Ellwood’s earlier phase of nonsensualism.

craig ellwood weekend house

For this set vertically pronounced and spindly trees were chosen to underline the orientation of the scene. The two steelbeams covering ground and ceiling emphazise the horizontal orientation. The border between inside and outside seems almost removed.
By reducing the environmental detail and general materials the view is directed to and sharpened for the design.

craig ellwood weekend house

Clay render view of the interior scene.

craig ellwood weekend house

craig ellwood weekend house

above: view from entrance on living space with dining area
left: seaside facing facade with living area to the front

craig ellwood weekend house

craig ellwood weekend house

above: sundown situation, at front right bedroom with sanitary block
left and below: nightview on countryside facing facade

craig ellwood weekend house

For more on Craig Ellwood check out the 1961 Daphne House or look here.

2 Responses to “1964 Weekend House
by Craig Ellwood”

  1. Erin Ellwood said…

    on January 25, 2013, 3:37 pm

    I was so happy to stumble on your website this morning, as I am doing research for a project I am working on. These are absolutely beautiful photographic renderings of one of my father’s favorite ideas.

    Where are you based?

    Best, Erin Ellwood

  2. bykks said…

    on January 25, 2013, 9:45 pm

    i am glad and very honored that you like them – thank you very much! it was a great journey working on them. i actually started with them in 2006.
    the l.a. arts associated gallery is a project i am still working on. maybe the kubly and moore houses will follow one day since i like them the most for their exceptional use of wood…
    like your work(attitude) btw. very much; very inspiring!
    i am based in germany.

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