December 31, 2012

Hello World


…welcome to We own this domain for quite a few years but it was not until late 2011, early 2012 that the ideas for how to exactly make the best use of it started to shape up.
With bykks we want to share the ideas and inspiration to achieve creative output - plus the resources acomplishing that goal.
Since this site is a brand new setup some sections like the downloads are still missing and little problems will eventually occur (we are already sorry for that) - but please (in fact double-plus-please) feel free to comment them in this post or any other.
Speaking about that, we very much would like you to comment and discuss with us the posts and approaches! Or just contact us here for a little chat.

So for now we wish you a great start into 2013.

Thank you and come back soon!

Karla & Joerg.

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